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 We are Psychic Planner, Inc., producers of the PsyPlan(tm) 
 Professional Publishing System software for PC-compatibles 
 with HP LaserJet-compatibles, described in our Press Release. 

 You don't need to be psychic to see the profits in your future.

 Start making your fortune today with PsyPlan.

 An income-producer for your customers, PsyPlan is a complete software
 system for printing personal-astrology based appointment calanders.

 We believe you will want to add PsyPlan to your line up.
 Please respond to on the Internet.

 Virtually Yours,
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 John G. Derrickson, Chairman, Psychic Planner, Inc.

Wholesale Sales Terms and Conditions

 The wholesale price to you is $600 and our suggested retail 
 price is $995, shipping included. We agree to a money-back 
 satisfaction guarantee with a 10% restocking fee. Standard 
 disk size is 3-1/2" 1.44 meg., if not otherwise specified. 
 The product is shipped from PPI by Priority Mail domestically 
 and Air Mail internationally within five days of receipt of 
 order with payment mailed to:

       Psychic Planner, Inc.
       236 W. Ridley Ave.
       Norwood, PA  19074-1510

 The PsyPlan Booklet Printer is free demo software that can be 
 used to evaluate the suitability of the product. It can be 
 customized with your marketing message and distributed freely. 

 Technical support is offered free by email to 
 and paper mail only. Support by phone is only by appointment 
 and at PPI's discretion.

 PPI retains the right to sell, and does sell, the software 
 directly and through other distributors. The money-back 
 satisfaction guarantee is the limit of PPI's liability. 
 PPI warrants that it is the sole owner of the product.

PsyPlan is a trademark of Psychic Planner, Inc. Copyright 1997 Psychic Planner, Inc.

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