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Name Resonance Numerology

Welcome to the universal perspective. Numbers are universal, permeating all aspects of the universe. The universe - there is only one, by definition. There is the one God. That God is three persons. Creation took seven days. Christ chose twelve apostles. Thirteen are a coven. Moses received the ten commandments. A day is twenty-four hours in two parts, AM and PM, with twelve hours each. A week is seven days. A year is twelve months with four seasons of three months each. The list goes on and on.
        This all sounds very religious. I make no apologies. I am religious. Most numerologists, astrologers and psychics are religious. The influence of numbers on our daily lives springs from cultural antiquity - our religious foundations. The examples above are from recent times, reflecting traditions established by the Chaldeans, the Brahmins of India, the sages of old China.

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We all have secret identities, hidden identities, names we call ourselves in different environments. You may have a nick name, like Jack, for a formal name, John. You may have a middle name but most of the time you don't use it. In name numerology, your different names have distinct significances.

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