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PPPS 2.11 Upgrade Order Form

Free upgrade by email to version 2.11 is now available for PsyPlan(tm) Professional Publishing System customers. This upgrade has enhancements to handle four digit year dates, general weather transits, all planets retrograde, solar eclipses, solstice and equinox, daily biorhythm indicators, and more cities and holidays. View log of changes. Updated July 28, 1999.

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In about a day you will receive an email message with one file attached (PPI21A.LZH) and links to five files, a total of 1.2 meg.:


Additionally, you may wish to download the PsyPlan(tm) Viewer, a Windows program for viewing, editing and printing PsyPlan planner files prepared by the PsyPlan Professional Publishing System. A link is provided.

Finally, you should download the latest holidays.hol file. Install it after installation of above files. A link is provided.

An upgrade with printed material is available for $35 plus shipping/handling ($5 domestic, $10 international). Please specify disk size. Mail check/money-order to:

       PsyPlan Upgrade
       Psychic Planner, Inc.
       236 W. Ridley Ave.
       Norwood, PA  19074-1510

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