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Is JavaScript Not Supported Or Too Old?
If your browser doesn't support JavaScript or you have a very old version, you should consider upgrading to a recent version. We need at least Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3 or Netscape Navigator version 3, running at least JavaScript version 1.1.

America Online

Internet Explorer

Netscape Navigator

Opera Browser

If your browser supports JavaScript, you can activate it. Note that some people (and some business offices) do not allow JavaScript for security reasons. In my opinion, JavaScript is perfectly safe, whereas Java programs and ActiveX controls present risks.

In Microsoft Internet Explorer,
  1.   contact your system administrator.

In Netscape Navigator,
  1.   click on Options in the top menu line,
  2.   select Network preferences... and
  3.   click on the Languages tab.
  4.   Click on Enable JavaScript to put an X in the box
  5.   and click on the OK button.

In Opera,
  1.   click on Preferences in the top menu line,
  2.   select Multimedia...,
  3.   click on Enable Scripting Languages to put an X in the box
  4.   click on Allow Window Create to put an X in the box
  5.   and click on the OK button.

Here are pictures of what you are missing.

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