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Hold That Flag High
I should admit that I write this with great difficulty. You think you understand, but you don't. You see, I'm not afraid of terrorism -- at least no more afraid than I was before September 11. No, I'm afraid for our nation, that we will give up our American rights for a little more safety. It happened after previous attacks. Government-issued picture identification cards were required to be an airplane passenger. Ridiculous. Stupid. Those cards are worthless, being easy for criminals to fake. Now they've outlawed knives. Ridiculous. Stupid. A simple ballpoint pen can be used as a weapon.
    So, hold that flag high, not for the war on terrorism but for what the flag represents -- the land of the free and home of the brave. Is this still the land of the free and home of the brave?
    And, keep your rights. No, regain your rights! Remember the words of Ben Franklin:
"Those who would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety, and will lose both."
    Amendment IV of The Constitution of the United States of America:
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
-- 20010929.22:39EDT John G. Derrickson
The People Are Afraid
We the people ... .
We're shocked by the awesome attack on America.
I thought we were strong enough to weather this storm easily.
I was wrong. I forgot we the people are human.
You see: I am the hermit, the magician, the fool. ...
I finally stepped away from my cave to feel the people.
The people are scared.
I cried for you. Now it's your turn, you can cry a while. ...
-- 20010921.21:12EDT John G. Derrickson

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