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PsyPlan rune
PsyPlan Rune

The PsyPlan(tm) Rune is a composit rune consisting of the runes Mannaz, Inguz, and Algiz. Mannaz is the rune for the self. Mannaz signifies an attempt to live the ordinary life in a non-ordinary way. Mannaz is comprised of the rune Wunjo and its mirror image. Wunjo signifies a renewed clarity and emotional understanding. Inguz is the rune for fertility and symbolizes protection through self-knowledge. Algiz is the rune for protection and deals with the control of emotions.

The composite rune is also an arrangement of reflecting P's with an I between, depicting the initials PPI of Psychic Planner, Inc.

PsyPlan logo
PsyPlan Logo

The PsyPlan(tm) Logo is evolved from and contains the PsyPlan Rune. It maps the natal chart of Psychic Planner, Inc. In this instance it displays the image of a PsyPlan Planner. Other instances may display other images.

PsyPlan, the PPI rune and the PPI logo are trademarks of Psychic Planner, Inc.